We are exporting&supplying used Japanese item for Southeast Asia.

We export used furniture&used sundries to around the world.

People all of the world want to the “Made in Japan merchandise”.

If you are interested in,please feel free to contact us.

Our dealing items


Selected good Japanese used furniture.

Cleaned and perfect condition of furniture/cupboard/chest/table/desk/sofa except for dirty

/damage/scratch is nominated into sea container oversea.


2.Miscellaneous item(small item)


Sorting-classification & Packing(sundry category).

(EX:kitchenware,toy,baby item,ornament,bag,shoes stationery,Japanese doll,hand tool,drawer,bag,

frame,chair,baby stroller,music instrument,dresser,etc)

 In our warehouse, whole item is to be carefully checked against damaged/broken and do wrapping

 packaging into box respectively.

3.Used cloth

We are capable of exporting used cloth from Japan,as well.

We can supply all season mixed & used cloth for Ladies/mens/kids.

Bale packing is standard.We can supply 40HC×1 unit coupled with usual used furniture & sundry.

The image of NEXT LIFE's exporting country

We export 40HCx15 monthly to Thailand and other Southeast country.

We have rich in variety of Japan product.Hopeful your soonest approach at anytime.

We are inposition to deal with recycle item required from respective client.

If you contact us, We would appreciate it.

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Supplier & Exporter of Japanese used furniture&sundries.

Establishment in 2005 Oct 19.



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